MoonBay™ In French Linen Adobo


Organic cove for your earth conscious baby.

A perfect little bay to embrace baby during naps, co-sleeping and playtime. Made from 100% Sustainable organic materials. Locally sourced. 

The sides are filled with organic buckwheat hulls which are perfect for keeping your little one from rolling out. They are breathable which Prevents over heating. The sides are a perfect headrest for you to keep a close watch on your greatest adventure. Prevents baby from rolling out and you from rolling in. Now everyone can get some much needed sleep. Hooray!

There is a pocket on the underside which contains a removable pouch filled with organic lavender and chamomile flowers to help induce sleep and relaxation.

The design cradles your baby and makes them feel supported resulting in less startling or movement.


Measuring 30” x 24” 

Interior 20” x 9.5” 

Ideally this will fit baby snug. This lowers the startle reflex and helps them feel secure. It is still safe when legs go over bottom portion. Recommended for infants 0-12 months + 

If you are looking for something larger, check out our Tot version.